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Fairy Tale Online Slot Guide for Players

Fairy Tale slots is a beautiful looking slot from Endorphina that features 5 reels and 20 pay lines to wager on. Taking place on a stunning panorama of the sky, there are few slots that can match the striking look of this game. Fairy Tale slots have a theme that runs the middle ground between angels and elves. You are able to wager a minimum of $0.01 per coin, per activated pay line and a maximum amount of $5 per coin, per activated pay line. You are able to wager a maximum of 100 coins per pay line. There are no jackpots to win and no scatter symbols in this online slot. It does feature Wilds, Free spins and bonus multipliers.

The Fairy Tale Slot Symbols

Fairy Tale slots features three angelic looking elvish girls who are the highest value pay symbols. The lower value symbols consist of Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and a ten symbol. The low value symbols will pay out of you get between three and five matching symbols on an activated pay line. The Queen Jack and Ten Will pay between 5 and 100 coins on a winning combination. The Ace and King Symbols pay between five and one hundred and fifty coins for a winning combination.

The three elvish ladies will result in a pay-out starting from two matching symbols. The Red Headed elf is worth between five and seven hundred and fifty coins. The Brunette elf is worth between five and two thousand coins. The Blond elf is worth a maximum pay out of five thousand coins for five matching symbols on an activated pay line.

Fairy Tale Slot Bonus Features

Fairy Tale slots’ main bonus feature is activated by the diamond symbol. The diamond serves as the wild symbol in Fairy Tale slots. If you land the diamond on an activated pay line, it will substitute itself for any other symbol that is required to make a winning combination on that line. The diamond itself will also offer a pay out if you land multiple Wilds on an activated pay line. Three matching Diamonds will pay out forty coins. Four matching Diamonds will pay four hundred coins and five matching symbols offer four thousand coins.

Three or more of the wild diamond symbols will activate the unique bonus feature of Fairy Tale slots. Once triggered, the free spins feature will activate additional key symbols. When these key symbols land on the reels, you will collect them and use them to open one of four cages o release a dove. For each open cage you will receive a bonus multiplier. Once all the cages have been unlocked and the doves freed, the free spins bonus round will end. Free spins will not retrigger during the bonus round.

The Fairy Tale Slot Bonus Wager

Fairy Tale slots features an additional wager that can be taken after a pay-out. You will be able to select the Take a Risk option to wager your winnings on a game of highest card. You will be taken to a new screen where you must face off against a dealer. You both select a card from a deck and the highest card wins. If the player wins, his wager will be multiplied. If the Dealer wins, all of the player’s current wins will be lost.