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Parlay Betting Strategy at a Glance for Sports Bettors

Parlay Betting Strategy at a Glance

Parlay betting, like any popular sports betting option requires a solid strategy in order to maximize potential returns. Making use of a proper parlay betting strategy ensures that you have the best possible odds and chance of sealing a winning parlay sports bet.

A solid strategy coupled with intuitive research allows for more valuable parlay bets, which directly affect your parlay betting strategy on a holistic level of play.

What is a Parlay Bet

Parlay betting is a distinctive approach to sports wagering types. Punters from Canada opting for parlay betting enjoy a wider selection of total bets available, within a single betting ticket. To sum up; parlay betting in layman’s terms, is a group bet that caters for two or more outcomes on a sporting event/s.

Canadians have the opportunity to bet on two or more point spreads, over/under bets or money line bets within parlay betting practice. Punters from Canada make frequent use of parlay betting options simply because of the potential return on investment parlay bets represent. The majority of parlay betting options result in much higher payouts when compared to separate wagers on the same outcomes.

Although payouts are higher within parlay betting practice, punters from Canada should be aware that parlay betting is somewhat risky. All of the bets need to be accurate, meaning that one wrong prediction within the entire group of parlay bets could yield a complete loss. It is for this precise reason that Canadians should develop a pinpointed parlay betting strategy, for maximum payout potential.

Average Parlay Odds

The best online sports betting websites will supply parlay betting odds at an average of 6 to 1 for 3 teams, 10 to 1 for 4 teams, 20 to 1 for 5 teams, 40 to 1 for 6 teams, 75 to 1 for 7 teams and 150 to 1 for eight teams.

Parlay Betting Odds

Finding Valuable Parlays

The first part of any valuable parlay betting strategy needs to account for the odds at which the bet is placed. Certain providers offer a host of fixed odds and they are not always market related. Another vital factor in a solid parlay betting strategy that cannot be overlooked is the value you personally assess in the host of parlay bets. This is always done through your personal knowledge within the sporting market you opt for.

Canadian punters or AU sports bettors at in quest of valuable parlay bets should research the teams, coaches, affecting injuries, trade offs, rest days and any other crucial elements that could influence the outcome. This kind of parlay betting strategy allows punters from Canada to price the bet, affording you with a better chance at a favourable outcome.

Playing for Practice

Punters seeking a perfected parlay betting strategy should make use of the Internets helpful tools like fantasy league games and other forms of community practice, which can help you hone your parlay betting strategy and skill set.

Canadians should be aware that parlay betting is one of the more advanced bet types, one should only undertake parlay bets when you feel comfortable enough with your personal level of skill and strategy.