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A Guide to Playing Jetsetter Online Slot from Endorphina

This fantastic slot from Endorphina is 20 pay lines of scatters, wilds and bonuses. The dream life style deserves the dream online slot.  The kind of life style that says big wagers, big cars, beautiful people and big rewards. You use in game coins to place wagers and activate pay lines. You can adjust the value of these coins between $0.01 and $1 so there is no reason not to activate every pay line for each spin. The more you wager the bigger the pay out when you strike it lucky. This game features every luxury item an aspiring Jetsetter can dream of. If the rock star lifestyle holds any fascination for you, Jetsetter slots may well be the online slot experience you have been looking for.

The Jetsetter Slot Symbols

The symbols used in game celebrate the best elements of the Jetsetter lifestyle. The Beautiful woman symbol and the Casino symbol will pay out 250 coins for five matching symbols on one of your 20 activated pay lines.

The big and beautiful Sports Cars Symbol will pay out 400 coins for five matched vehicles on an active pay line. The Boat Symbol and Jet Symbol that make this lifestyle a reality will pay you 750 coins for five matching symbols on an active pay line.

The Jetsetter Slot Wild Feature

Have you ever been inches away from a lucky break, wishing you had just one more thing in your favour to be able to win it all? Well the Jetsetter wild symbol is that one thing, your guardian angel in the world of online slots. It will take one the value of any symbol required to make a winning combination on the active pay line it lands on. If that wasn’t lucky enough already, you also have your pay out doubled on that combination. Five of these beauties on a pay line and you get nine thousand coins in your pocket.

The Scatter Symbol Free Spins Feature

The blonde woman behind a hand fan of cash is Jetsetter slots’ scatter symbol. They ignore the pay line rules and will trigger free spins as long as you have three of them on the screen. 20 free spins is your reward. During the free spins phase, the bank note symbols will double their value. You don’t have to pay for free spins and they double your rewards, a Jetsetter wouldn’t have it any other way. She is also responsible for a 10 000 coin pay out if you watch five of her on an active pay line.

Banknote Matchups Mean Instant Pay Outs

Jetsetters slot features a rather unique Cash Symbol. It is a stack of money that has been split in half, with each half appearing on one of the reels. Matching each half of the Cash symbol on two adjacent reels will multiply your wager made on that pay line. That means instant cash rewards.

The Take-a-Risk Feature

Jetsetter slot like many games joined here, offers players to wager their wins with a high card mini game. You and a dealer both draw a card from a deck and the person with the highest card wins. Players have their wins multiplied, while the dealer will take all your winnings if he draws the highest card.