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Koi Princess Touch Slot Overview for Mobile Casino Players

Online slots games have been around for several years and continue to grow in popularity. This is due to a number of factors, perhaps the main one being the fact that the games are convenient for players to access in the USA. Because they are based online, they can be played from a number of devices, and many of them are responsive, meaning that the game will automatically adjust to fit on any screen.

NetEnt has created hundreds of these games, one of them being the oriental themed Koi Princess Touch. This game delivers players the same experience they would get from playing a slot machine in a traditional casino.

How is It Structured?

All in all, Koi Princess Touch slots game is structured very similarly to most other online slots games. It has five reels, three rows and 20 paylines. The latter is not at all adjustable, which means that every spin will play 20 lines. However, players can easily adapt the level of their bets like punters at the NRL betting sites that are listed here for your convenience. This can be done by navigating the arrows either higher or lower, so the entire experience can be customized to suit the needs of the player.

Furthermore, the game’s graphics and soundtrack are all tied into the basic structure, which contributes to communicating the theme very well.

Does the Game Offer Features?

Koi Princess Touch online slots game offers players a number of features, all of which are totally random. In other words, these features can kick in at any point without any warning. One such feature is the Five Hit Random, which will award players one spin with a guaranteed win from five symbols.

Another interesting feature which could change the course of the overall game is the Bonus Activation Random feature. This grants players one spin that will uncover three random features. However, players will then need to select just one of them to play out.

Are There any Bonus Games?

The Bonus Wheel on Koi Princess Touch online slots provides a unique game away from the main game. Here, players are awarded two free spins. The wheel itself has three tiers, and within each tier are 12 locations.

Players will then need to roll the dice, and depending on the outcome of this, will be able to move around from location to location. Along the way, the can collect several prizes. These prizes include generous multiplications, which are of course always welcome, as they can often lead to a vast increase in the prize money you walk away with!

Koi Princess Touch online slots game provides players in the USA with the chance to increase their winnings significantly. However, the fact that all features, as well as the bonus game, are random means that this online slots game is an incredibly unpredictable one. This is not always a bad thing, however, as it adds to the excitement and thrills that come with online casino games. While the game may be unpredictable, it is still easy to understand, making it ideal for players of every level.