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Desktop and Mobile Casino Gaming at a Glance

Desktop and Mobile Casino Gaming

We live in an age of technological marvels, one that allows us to enjoy our favourite entertainment both on our desktop or laptop, but also on our smartphones. From the latest series to video games to the latest casino offerings, there’s never been more choice for the consumer.

And while the gap between computers and smartphones continues to get smaller with every passing year, there are still plenty of differences between the two, especially when it comes to casino games, as we will explore here.

The Convenience Factor

Being able to sit at a comfortable office chair and start playing a favourite casino game is a great way of spending an evening, but with how busy we all are these days, it might make more sense to instead try and focus on using a smartphone instead for gaming. Casino games have never been better for phones, too, as they can automatically adjust to any screen size, offer secure online payment methods, and can be played just about anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. Regardless, there are still millions of players that prefer having a large screen to play on at home.

The User’s Experience

This is where computers still reign supreme, although it can depend somewhat on the game in question. Almost all casino games will run extremely well on computers in regard to the user experience, and there will be far fewer limitations in what the game is able to support, which is especially true among games like poker and blackjack, where a mouse just tends to be better. Something like slots, however, will be very comfortable to play on most mobile devices, so it’s ultimately what the player is looking for and whether they’re willing to accept some limitations on their smartphones.

Casino Gaming Performance


Casino games have always prided themselves on their aesthetics as much as their gameplay, which is why so many of them have gorgeous backgrounds and special effects. In the past, these kinds of games were essentially impossible to render fully on a phone, which usually had limited hardware when compared to their much more powerful computer counterparts. Today, however, performance doesn’t play as a big a factor when we consider that most medium-tier and flagship phones have the same processing power as most office computers, and sometimes significantly more. Another aspect to consider is that modern phone screens can have incredibly high refresh rates, making them great for colourful gaming or making the Melbourne Cup bets.

That being said, attaining a true, high-definition experience that runs smoothly on a phone can be an expensive endeavour, and it can often be cheaper to just buy a mid-tier computer rather than the latest gaming phone.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, the experience that the player is after will determine the device that’s best for them. For those that want to be able to play games while on the train, phones are best. But for the best graphics and smoothest gameplay, desktops are still at the top of the pile.