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Enjoy King Colossus Slot Game at Internet Casino Sites

King Colossus Slot at Internet Casino Sites

Upon first glance the King Colossus slot game does not appear to be anything special. The graphics and symbol designs are simple and not especially imaginative, with only the king himself being properly animated and standing apart. But King Colossus is not a game that aims to impress with its visuals. The game play is where this production shines, and anyone into a strategic slot game affair will have much to look forward too.

Using an impressive 5 reel, 40 betting line system, King Colossus instantly stands apart for granting exceptional freedom. The betting lines may be raised or lowered as the player sees fit, which grants unprecedented freedom in a modern slot game. Add to this the amazing special feature, which turns the king into a true version of his namesake, and you’ll quickly learn why the game has such a dedicated fan base. Lets take a closer look at mechanics that make King Colossus a must play experience.

Innovative Design

The first thing you will notice in the King Colossus slot game is that it has not 1, but 2 wild symbols. The first, a golden lion’s head looking forward, acts as you would expect a wild symbol too. It matches with all other symbols as a substitute, and increases the chances of matching sequences being created. The second, a golden lion’s head in profile, is added to the reels during free spins. And as you’ll soon learn, King Colossus is all about it’s free spins. Much of the game play is designed around the free spins system.

The +1 is the first symbol to keep in mind. If appearing on the reels and matching during any free spins, the +1 symbol will grant an extra instant free spin. This means that a lucky player may keep free spins rolling for a long period of time. This, of course, is highly lucrative, and will almost certainly result in the player walking away with heavy pockets. Now lets see how to get the free spins started, and how else the game changes during a free spins sequence.

King Colossus Online Slot Symbols

Free Spin Bonuses

Like matching scatters in many Neteller pokies, in order to get the free spins started in King Colossus, you’ll have to match the scatter symbol, shown as a pair of large golden doors. The number of spins will depend on how many scatter symbols are matched in a sequence. Upon being granted free spins, they will begin to play out automatically, with the added wilds, and one other addition.

The King Colossus symbol turns massive during free spins, so large that it occupies a full 3X3 symbol spaces. And each of the symbols in the King Colossus spread acts as a wild. Now you know why free spins are so valuable. That’s added single wilds, plus an enormous King wild. It is almost impossible to have a single free spin that doesn’t result in a huge win. In other words, the king is everyone’s best friend in this game, and it sure helps that he seems to be so willing to share all that wealth.