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Sugar Trail Online Slot Review

Sugar Trail, created by QuickSpin, is an online slot machine game. It can be played on a mobile device or home computer, and is available in both free and real money variations. In order to play on your phone, simply download the application, wait for it to install, and tap the icon. To play on a home computer you need only open the game in a web browser, with no permanent install of any kind required.

Keep in mind though, your home computer will need the latest Flash software installed to play the game. In order to install Flash, simply search for it and install it as you would any other software. The game will play in its free variation unless you are logged into a valid account and have funds available for play. For more information about this please contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play the game.

Sugar Trail – Play Rules

The game requires the player to make an initial bet, based on the five reel, forty line play system. The player can choose the bet amount, making use of the up and down arrows found near the bottom of the screen. Once the bet is made, the circular arrow button is pressed, and the reels are spun. If winning sequences are created when the reels stop spinning payouts are made, depending on the value of the sequence created. If bonus tiles are present in the sequence, bigger payouts are made, or the bonus mini-game may be triggered. To understand more about how the mini-game works, please read the following section.

Sugar Trail – Bonus Tiles And Mini-Game

The Gummy King and Gummy Queen tiles are this games bonus tiles. If at least three Gummy Kings are matched the flying wilds sequence will be triggered. In this sequence wild tiles are randomly added to the play area, granting a much higher percentage of winning. Depending on the number of Gummy Kings matched, free spins will be executed with the wilds in play. The Gummy Queen allows for a similar bonus sequence, but with the wild tiles locked in place as apposed to moving around. In each casino slots bonus sequence, the Gummy King and Gummy Queen, extra free spins may be added to the total, depending on the awards granted. Finally, the Sugar Prince tile, identifiable by his icon depicting him with a red and white lollipop, grants instant cash bonuses. To learn more about these bonus tiles please click the playtable button located near the bottom of the screen.

Standard Icons

In Sugar Trail the standard play icons have a variety of values, which will determine the payout if any one of the icons are matched with themselves at least three times, from left to right of the play area. The golden pieces of candy, and the white and purple candy, have the most value, paying out the greatest amount if matched with themselves, up to a maximum of five times. Ace, jack, queen and king tiles are also present, all with an equal value that is lower then the values of the candy tiles.