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Golden Princess Aristocrat slot Review

Bankstown – The popularity and ranking of online slot games can be viewed much like the classes of social hierarchy. The less popular slots, those boasting minimal creativity and uneventful gameplay, rank lower in the gaming kingdom much like the common working civilians who sit in the lower levels of society. On the opposite side of evaluation, the royal family of slot games reign over the online gaming kingdom with their popularity and wealth of in-game technology and features just as the royal family and leaders of society rank tops in the social order.

The Golden Princess Aristocrat Slot created by Aristocrat Leisure Limited, one of the largest creators of online gaming solutions and slot games globally, certainly possesses royal stature as its name suggests. If you’re part of Aristocrat’s fan base and have already enjoyed other slot games within this innovator’s portfolio, you probably have high expectations of this game. And with its fun features, top-notch graphics and rewarding in-game additions, your expectations will be met and surpassed.

Online And Mobile Play

Whether you’re at home, at the office or in between errands, playing the Golden Princess Aristocrat Slot on the go has never been easier and more fun. Most electronic devices are compatible with this game’s software, so whether you have a PC desktop at home, a tablet in the office or a mobile device, you can enjoy real money slots for Android. Play online in browser using Flash or download the online casino and the gaming software straight onto your device.

Like Others In The Gold Pays Range

As part of Aristocrat’s Gold Pays range, the Golden Princess Aristocrat Slot is similar to other games in this range with its Oriental theme and Chinese visuals, as well as its heavy use of gold within the design. Although reel symbols are like the others in the Gold Pays range, this slot boasts slightly more detail and more vibrant colours. Sound effects and the in-game music is unique and immersive, with explosive sounds exciting players’ ears with every winning combination landing on the reels. Combine these explosive sound effects with the best animations and you can enjoy many animated displays during gameplay including fireworks exploding onto your screen when you trigger wins and high-paying symbol combinations.

Play On Gold For Gold

Players can enjoy many ways to win gold coins on this golden-speckled slot which sports five reels and a total of 25 paylines. What makes this slot different to other slots on offer in the online casino arena is its jackpot. When a player activates the Golds Pay in-game feature on Golden Princess Aristocrat Slot then a number of the reels turn a bright gold which creates for increased paytable combinations and bigger winnings.

The intense bonus round is activated by three scatter symbols on one payline and will leave players at the edge of their seats with five options to choose from, each choice comprising a certain amount of games combined with a certain number of wild symbols to be used during these games. Adding fun to the mix, more free spins can be activated during this bonus round as well.

An additional bonus feature on the Golden Princess Aristocrat slot pops up on a second screen which showcases four different jackpots. Each jackpot contains three icons each, with all 12 icons shown on the screen initially. Players must pick the right set of three icons, with the first pick determining which jackpot could be up for grabs. Players can either claim the minor, mini, major or ultimate jackpot here if they pick right.