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An Exclusive Wagering Guide for Punters to Online Sports Betting NZ

For quite some time now, despite prohibitions in the past, New Zealanders have engaged in the thrilling and much-loved activity of sports betting, with racing and lotteries originally paving the way to a lucrative sports betting NZ community.

The sports betting industry in New Zealand is actually monopolised by the New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB), meaning the market is a lot more limited than other countries. This, however, doesn’t mean that the industry is necessarily doomed, with punters always willing to find additional routes to get in on the action.

Sports betting NZ is now easily accessible online due to the fact that numerous international sportsbooks have added New Zealand to their target market list.

New Zealand Gambling Act

Fortunately, the majority of the New Zealand Gambling Act is directed at commercial entities, including the people that would make up the house and those in control of marketing, meaning it won’t apply to the punters at all.

Moreover, there are no real concerns about participating in online sports betting NZ, except for the fact that there may be some untrustworthy sportsbook outside of the borders of New Zealand and punters will pretty much be on their own should they have issues with deposits or withdrawals.

Offshore Sportsbooks

The Gambling Act set in place in New Zealand really only covers the sports betting activities that originate from within the borders of the country, including hosting and promoting online gambling sites.

These rules, however, are believed not to apply to gambling sites that are not located in New Zealand yet still accept Kiwi punters. This undoubtedly means that all of the very best establishments have been able to join the sports betting NZ community, allowing punters to get involved in some of the finest sports betting entertainment.

Best Sites for Sports Betting NZ

The sites considered to be the best will offer a range of options in sports betting NZ, from the sports available for wagering on to the various bets that each sport could have. Great sportsbooks go beyond just offering the opportunity to place wagers and will offer punters a world of convenience and entertainment.

This includes and is not limited to special offerings when signing up and fantastic bonus deals offered to current members, excellent security with regards to money and transactions, 24-hour customer service that delivers its promise to aid in any way possible and language and currency options that suit the needs of Kiwi punters.

Sports Betting NZ Tips

Any Kiwi punters that are new to online sports betting NZ are not just encouraged to uncover the best sportsbooks available to them but to ensure that they have enough knowledge to place their bets in the first place.

Sports betting tips are readily available at many top-quality online sportsbooks, all of which will be directly linked the sport in question. These tips will offer punters more insight into what others think about the upcoming race or event and will highlight important things to consider, from odds to the environment the event is set to take place in.