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Mentioning about 50 Lions Slots Alternatives for You

The 50 paylines system is still somewhat difficult to find, even in today’s casino industry wherein hundreds upon hundreds of slots games are being developed and released every year, and so 50 Lions has managed to retain its popularity globally. Although the original is available in many different countries these days thanks the World Wide Web, there are many players who are still unable to access it –luckily for this group, 50 Lions slots alternatives are now a reality. Players who are on the hunt for games featuring 50 paylines or particularly enjoy the African wildlife theme the original game presents are now able to do so more easily, and a taste of the fun and money of the original is now far more widely provided for.

Top Online 50 Lions Slots Alternatives

The twist of the wildlife theme that the first of the 50 Lions slots alternatives that is available, Soccer Safari, is able to present is an entertaining one, and players will enjoy the real money action it is able to provide. The king of the jungle is once again the core symbol for this game, but these are joined by a team of zebras as they engage in a soccer match for the trophy for the animal world cup. It has 30 paylines for players to make use of, along with free spins and a round of world-cup-themed soccer which will please fans of the game.

Jungle Games is also a great example of the 50 Lions slots alternatives available online, and players will be able to enjoy the antics of weightlifting chimpanzee and a rhino adept at the rigours of table tennis if they select this game to play. There are 20 paylines on offer for this game, but the prizes it is able to provide lucky players allow it to compare with the original title it share’s a similar theme with. Free spins rounds along with multipliers of as much as five are provided, and the wild for this game also carries with it a multiplier of its own.

Many players hold Aristocrat’s 50 Lions to be one of the most ground-breaking slot games of all time: when it was released it managed to totally change players’ perception of these types of games at both land-based casinos in the developer’s native Australia and those found in other parts of the world. It very quickly became enormously popular with a big amount of players thanks to the 50 win lines it made available.

Finding 50 Lions Slots Alternatives

Players on the hunt for 50 Lions slots alternatives will be able to find great recommendations at the various comparison sites that make themselves available for just this purpose. They will also be able to view other games that have received good reviews from both the experts who make it their business to know exactly what games are the most enjoyable, and from players who have actually tried them. Players are able to browse all the most relevant items of information about both the 50 Lions slots alternatives games on offer and the online casinos making them available, and will be able to start lining up their wildlife-themed icons in order to get at the life-changing win far sooner than may have been imagined.