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Learn How Aussie Pokies Are Different

There are a number of different styles of pokies games, but the Australian-format machine certainly remains a favourite amongst players. An Australian-format machine typically makes use of video displays instead of actual physical reels. While these pokies machines do come in a whole range of formats, the 5 reel pokies game is certainly one of the most popular setups. While the most simple pokies game will a have a single win line, modern pokies games provide plenty of additional winning opportunities, with some games offering up to 200 win lines.

One of the biggest attractions of an Australian-format machine, are the bonuses features, free games, and other mini games that form part of these pokies games. The bonus features come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Sometimes players must try to correctly guess the colour of a hidden card, or guess the suit of that card. Other bonuses are like little mini games, in which players have to actually achieve certain things, in a typical video game style. These bonus features might reward the player with fee spins.

They might enable the player to get access to win multipliers, which is a great way to increase your winnings quite quickly. Win multipliers will typically take the players stake for the last spin, and then apply a multiplier to this stake. Of course, some other bonus features will actually instantly reward the player with a cash win.

Australian-Format Machine Jackpots

Of course, when considering an Australian-format machine, players will always be looking at the win jackpots, or the prizes that are up for grabs. Some online pokies machines will have a progressive jackpot, which is a jackpot that is constantly increasing, until the time when a player is able to land that jackpot with real money slots in Australia.

Other pokies games will have a set maximum jackpot, but importantly, will also have numerous other smaller prizes that are on offer for players who are able to match up other symbols. The Australian-format machine will come with a paytable that online players can easily refer to while they are playing the pokies game. The paytable will indicate what all the game symbols are, as well as what prizes are on offer for matching up certain combinations of symbols.

Australian-Format Machine Features

In most cases, in order to win the main jackpot from an Australian-format machine, players will need to place the maximum bet in order to claim this prize. For full details about each individual pokies game, players should refer to the paytable that goes along with this game. Some of the online pokies games also offer some added features to enhance the playing experience. Many games have a Max Bet button, which will automatically place the maximum bet for the next spin, and so give a player the chance to win that main jackpot prize. The auto spin button is a useful feature to be aware of. By using this button, the game will continue to play automatically without requiring the player’s involvement. Of course, this setting, as well as other settings, can be switched on or off as it suits the player.