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Bell Of Fortune Slot Review and Guide for Internet Gamblers

The classic slots game formula is one that works well and will see players returning to it time and time again. This is evident in Bell of Fortune, one of Play ‘n’ Go’s most popular additions. This online slots game follows a very specific formula that will certainly remind players of the big slots machines they became used to at traditional casinos. The game itself is very easy to understand given the straightforward nature of it, and as a result, gives players the chance to focus more on placing their bets than worrying about how exactly this game works.

A Game with a Simple Structure

Players who are looking for an online slots game laden with several different bonus features may be left slightly disappointed with Bell of Fortune. This game has nothing of the sort, but that does not mean that it doesn’t make up for it in different ways. Its simple, three-reel structure makes it incredibly easy for players to navigate through it. This means that they can play the game quickly and without much hassle, leaving them with more time to focus on working out their betting strategy and actually playing the game instead of worrying about overcomplicated procedures.

Winning the Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots are always exciting as they can strike at absolutely any point and the values attached to them always vary. The game’s symbols include the Bell of Fortune, a strawberry, an orange and a plum. If players bet one coin, three bells will award them 200 coins, and if they bet two coins, they’ll be awarded with 400 coins. However, if they bet the maximum of three coins per spin, the progressive jackpot may well be triggered. Players can still win by matching the other symbols, but their winnings will be significantly lower.  Although it is worth mentioning that if players are patient, over time, these values will add up quite nicely.

The Bell of Fortune online slots game may not have tons of innovative features like free spins and bonus games, but that doesn’t men that players will walk away empty handed. In fact, the simple structure of the game makes for a playing environment that is much easier to get used to, making players feel incredibly comfortable and at ease from the get go, unlike some other slots that are laden with features and require some getting used to.

Responsive to Different Devices

When it comes to any kind of online slots game these days, it is incredibly important for them to be responsive. In other words, they need to be able to adapt to a number of different devices and screen sizes. Bell of Fortune is able to do just that, and players can benefit from being able to play from either their mobile phones, tablets, smart watches or computers. This makes the game all the more convenient to play, and the fact that there are no complicated structures or frameworks means that the game functions as seamlessly as possible.